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Counseling Philosophy

I believe that each of us is made up of a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical self.  When each of these "selves" comes into balance, we feel whole, happy and energized.  But when this balance is lost (for example, when we focus too much of our time and energy on one area while ignoring others), we may feel distressed, out of sorts, tired, and without a sense of meaning or purpose in our lives.  The same holds true for our relationships with others (including our work).  When we come from a place of balance, we are centered and grounded and thus best able to flex with the many changes, demands, surprises and challenges that are a part of everyday life. 

I utilize a variety of approaches and techniques best suited to the unique needs, strengths, resources and goals of each client.  Although the awareness that something has become a problem and figuring out a plan to deal with it are important steps, I believe it is only when we apply what we've learned that we can let go of what’s holding us back and grow.  This may include “talk therapy”, but may also involve the use of other modalities, such as dream work, energy work, journaling, art or nature exercises, etc.  


Office in McCleary

Serving Grays Harbor, Mason and NW Thurston Counties
Nearby communities are Elma, McCleary, Montesano, Aberdeen, Olympia, Tumwater, Shelton

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