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"Marina is an extraordinary artist.  Her work enlivens the viewer, capturing the inner glow of life in a way that allows it to shine in a split second through from the canvas into our souls and reminding us of the magical quality to be found everywhere if we will but see."
          -Sarah Edwards, LCSW, Ph.D., Pine Mountain, CA (owner of "From the Light of Different Worlds")


"We have three original paintings plus a print and a digital piece by Marina in our home.  Often visitors comment on at least one, admiring the themes, colors and skill.  Over time I notice that I have not tired of her work, and the beauty and feeling of the art seems to increase with time.  Her productions are varied in style, and all add great spirit and unique depth.  We feel very blessed to have a representative variety of her art and feel our home would be much less attractive without it."  -Iris Fudell, Tacoma, WA


"I have Marina's painting, 'From the Light of Different Worlds'.  What I most enjoy about it is the way it draws the eye to the houses, lit from within, families and their lives hidden from us; yet the sense of the magnificence of the universe is as much part of the painting as the sense of the changing seasons and the lives of the families changing with them." 
         -Bronwyn Richards, Seattle, WA

"I am SO happy and honored to own "Rainbow Lilly Wishes.'"  I look at it each and every morning hanging in my bedroom and it inspires me.  I would
 love to have  the  talent for capturing more than the just the physical look of the subject but the aura of it as well.  I really love that painting!"	
         -Sarah Woodworth, Keaau, HI
"I purchased Marina's artwork, 'Leaping' in 2005. I immediately fell in love with it, not only because of the colors but also because of the spirit and 
playfulness that is expressed by two dolphins leaping out of the ocean.  As the artwork is in a location I pass by every day, it makes me not only feel 
free, but also peaceful and brings joy every time."
   -Gitta Westra, Los Altos, CA


"Marina's teaching helped me to both rekindle my involvement with art and to explore new techniques.  What was most important to me was that the techniques turned out to be more than outer ways of  moving paint - they are also inner ways of moving intuition, inspiration and resistance.  You can't ask more of a teacher than to  move you, and she certainly did.  Moreover, her own art demonstrates how these techniques come out to the world." 
        - Drew Ross, M.D., Captain Cook, HI

"I highly encourage anyone thinking about taking one of Marina's workshops.   I entered two of the pieces that I created in her workshop in an art show, 
and they both sold in addition to two other pieces that I created using the tools that I learned from the workshop itself.  Her workshop helped to 
re-inspire me after not painting for several years."
        - Jennifer Lancaster, Kailua-Kona, HI  

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